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Simulink/Modelsim Co-Simulation and FPGA Realization of Speed Control IC for PMSM Drive

Ying-Shieh Kung (a*), Nguyen Vu Quynh(b), Nguyen Trung Hieu(c), Chung-Chun Huang(d) and Liang-Chiao Huange
a,b,c Southern Taiwan University,1 Nan-Tai St. Yung-Kang Distri., Tainan, Taiwan
d,e Industrial Technology Research Institute, 195 Chung Hsing Rd., Sec.4, Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan
PMSM (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor) has been increasingly used in many high performance application due to its advantages of high power density, high power factor and efficiency. The design and implementation of a fuzzy-control based speed control IC for PMSM from Simulink/Modelsim co-simulation to FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) realization is presented in this paper. Firstly, a SVPWM scheme, vector control method and fuzzy controller are derived and applied in the speed control IC of PMSM drive. Secondly, the Very-High-Speed IC Hardware Description Language (VHDL) is adopted to describe the behavior of the aforementioned control algorithms. To evaluate the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed speed control IC, a co-simulation work performed by Matlab/Simulink and Modelsim is firstly conducted. Then, an experimental system by FPGA chip, Nios processor and motor driving board is set up to further validate the performance of the proposed speed control IC. Finally, the results in simulation and in experiment will be compared and discussed.
Keywords: Simulink/Modelsim co-simulation; Fuzzy controller; VHDL; FPGA; PMSM; SVPWM.
The speed control block diagram for PMSM drive (Simulation model)
Simulink/Modelsim co-simulation of SVPWM
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