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FPGA based on adaptive fuzzy and space vector pulse width modulation to control speed of PMSM

Nguyen Vu Quynh(1), Tran Hanh(2), Trinh Tran Thanh Tam(3)
1 Electrical – Mechanical Department, Lac Hong University
2,3 Informatics Technology, Lac Hong University
Abstract: This paper presented speed control algorithm of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) basing on adaptive fuzzy combined with space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM). PMSMs were applied so much in manufacturing industry such as metal cutting machines, packaging machines, precision machining; so the controller of motor plays a very important role. The simulation architecture of system was implemented on Simulink of Matlab. The article uses very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL) as the hardware simulation language, and embeds programs written in VHDL code to Simulink/Matlab to calculate. Based on parameters of PMSM, the article was calculated with three different load cases: normal-load, light-load, heavy-load as below:
  • Jm = 0.000108 Kgm2, F = 0.0013 Nms
  • Jm = 0.000108/4 Kgm2, F = 0.0013/4 Nms
  • Jm = 0.000108*3 Kgm2, F = 0.0013*3 Nms
(Jm: Combined inertia of rotor and load; F: Combined viscous friction of rotor and load)
After successful simulation, the system was tested again by experiment on FPGA kit. Through simulation and experiment results shown that the speed of PMSM still was stable in case of large load changed. Switching frequency of the modulator could be reached from 150 Hz to 50 kHz. Concurrently, high switching frequency helps to reduce noise generated in the system. Controller integrated in an IC saves space and avoids the influence of external factors preferred as noise or temperature
Basic vector space and witching patterns Voltage values supplying for the SVPWM

Speed response (a) and current response (b) in simulation with Adaptive Fuzzy control was used at normal load

The case of light load (a) and and heavy load (b) when adaptive fuzzy controller being replaced by PI controller



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